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    Rent a car in Mallorca

    Do you need a trip?

    Frequently questions

    1. What documents do I need for rent a vehicle?

    You must present your identity card or passport and driver’s license at the signing of the contract. If the client hires all –risk insurance without deductible, a credir card is requested.

    2. What is the minimum age to rent?

    The driver must be over 23 years old and a minimum experience of 2 years is required.

    3 . What kind of insurance can be hired?

    We offer two types of insurance:

    • Basic franchise.*.
    • All risk insurance ( without franchise).

    *Basic insurance with franchise covers damages to third parts and the franchise is up to 500 euros. As a guarantee against possible damages a deposit is required on the credit card of 500 euros, the day of the return unlocks this amount.

    For sheet and paint damage, 120 euros ( one side) will be charged.

    • Broken glass- Up to 150 euros.
    • Flat tire- Up to 100 euros..
    • Loss or breakage of keys- Up to 200 euros.
    • All risk without franchise- 15 euros per day. On this case do not have to leave the deposit as a guarantee ( not credit card needed)

    4.What additional expenses can I have as a customer?

    Fines – All will be in charge of the driver. The customer will receive them at his home. Fee for fines management is 30 euros.
    Pay attention where you park the car, if it is a payment area ( blue area) you have to put the ticket in the visible area of the car.
    Very frequent are the fines for speeding andfor not putting the tickets in the payment zones.
    In Palma center ( Near to the Cathedral) there are some streets that rental cars ( not residents) are not allow to enter. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.
    Cleanliness-In case of extreme dirt ( sand, stains in upholstery) a charge of 35 euros is made.
    Unlimited mileage.

    5. What is the fuel policy?

    Vehicles are delivered with full tank and must be returned full.In case of not returning full the customer can go to the gas station and refuel or the amount will be charged.
    The wrong refill has a charge of 200 euros.

    6. How can the contract be extended?

    The customer must call the office and ask if the car is available for an extension, if it is affirmative the client must go to the office and pay for the extension period.
    Vehicles must be returned at the time indicated in the contract. In case of delay will be charge the amount due to extension period. ( 10 euros every delay hour).
    The early return does not generate any refund.

    7. What do I do in case of accident or breakdown?

    In case of breakdown you have to call the corresponding office and explain in detail what happened. We will call the crane if necessary. If it is not due to misuse , it is replaced without any cost.
    In case of accident , the client must contact our workers ( call the office where the vehicle is rented) if necessary , the customer has to call the police or ask one of our workers to do so.
    Customer always have to fill the friendly part, check that everything is filled out correctly and keep a copy . If the customer has any questions os queries our workers are willing to help.
    In case of small damages it is not necessary to call the police the client only has to record the data of the other vehicle ( driver’s name, telephone number, registration number, insurance number and company).

    8. For to cancel the reservation:

    You can cancel the reservation up to 24 hours after confirmation date. The cancellation administrative expenses will be 20€, it will be deducted from the total amount which is to be reimbursed.